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Take My Money

Enter an Amount to make any Payment
Quarterly Dues
One-Time Manual Payment of $247.48 ( $240 + PayPal fee)
Set Up Dues for Automatic Withdrawal
Payments will come out the same reoccurring day of the month the initial payment is made. 
( $82.70 every month via PayPal)
( $247.48 every three months via PayPal)
How to Unsubscribe from Automatic Withdrawal
  1. Log into your PayPal
  2. Click the Settings (sprocket) icon in top right corner
  3. Click "Payments tab"
  4. Click "Manage Automatic Payments" button
  5. Click on "Valley Aircraft Restoration Society" in left column
  6. Next to "Status", Click the "Cancel" button in the mid-upper right area of the window
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